DJ Tech Tools’ Ean Golden shares the DJ setup he developed for the ENTER party at Ibiza which applies controllerism to House and Techno.

Gear list and application:

  • Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus (in the DJTT store) – with a built in sound-card that has four independent channels coming out from Traktor into the mixer
  • Kontrol X1 MK1 (now discontinued for the MK2s) – used to control four decks, with a LED feedback mapping as demonstrated in this tutorial.
  • Chroma Cables (a DJTT creation) – used to identify different parts of the setup – yellow is the sound card, don’t unplug that one ever!
  • Midi Fighter Twister (more info about it here) – used to control Deck D, sequencing drum beats
  • Midi Fighter 3D (white edition due out in 2015 – black available now) – used to trigger single-shot samples, with effects mapped to the X-Y gyroscopic motion control
  • Boss FX pedals (DJTT-curated pedals in the store) – used with the send/return of the DJM-900 almost exclusively with sequenced beats on Deck D.
  • Westone UM2 In-Ear Monitors and Subpac M1 (just added to the DJTT store) – for monitoring without cranking the levels up in the DJ booth to ear-splitting levels

For more info: djtechtools.com