Propellerhead released Reason 9.2 and Reason Essentials 9.2, which add support for the Rack Extension SDK 2.5.

Reason 9.2 and Reason Essentials 9.2 are free updates to Reason 9 and Reason Essentials 9 that adds a couple of bug fixes and enhancements (full list below).

Download Reason 9.2
Download Reason Essentials 9.2

  • Added support for Rack Extension SDK 2.5. Rack Extensions now support sample loading, hidable widgets and more.]
  • Reason Patch Collection now includes all patches from Electromechanical and the office favorite patch Bass One’o’One (Reason only).
  • The patch Rheem GlitterTop is now correctly categorized as Electric Piano (Reason only).
  • Fixed a bug where a sample from the Factory Sound Bank could be self-contained which would lead to issues.
  • Fixed an issue where notes could hang when using Players with the External MIDI Instrument (Reason only).