Bitwig announced that Bitwig Studio 2 will be released on February 28th.

The current version of Bitwig Studio already offers one of the industry’s most flexible and powerful modulation systems, and with Bitwig Studio 2 we’re taking things even further. We’ve reworked the entire modulation system and it now offers nearly endless possibilities;
this is a big step towards a fully modular device architecture.

Each device in Bitwig Studio 2 (internal devices and external plug-ins) have modulation slots where you can load individual modulators. Bitwig Studio 2 comes with 24 brand new modulators; from standard modulators like envelopes and LFOs – to more unique modulator types like Random, Select-4 and Math.

An unlimited number of modulators can be added to a device by simply clicking an empty Modulator slot and choosing a specific Modulator from the pop-up browser. Assign the modulator to any number of parameters, with ease and flexibility. Modulators can also be interconnected for truly dynamic and expressive sound design possibilities.

When using internal Bitwig instruments, many modulators can be set to polyphonic mode – enabling per-voice modulation – something previously only seen in closed systems.

Bitwig Studio 2 will also provide new devices such as a spectrum analyzer, phaser, pitch shifter, and a ring modulator. It will also introduce a set of devices that will allow you to seamlessly integrate hardware machines into your workflow via MIDI and CV/Gate. Other improvements include fades and crossfades for audio clips, VST3 support, device updates, polysynth updates, smart tool switching, and a new menu system.

For more info: bitwig.com