For the third outing of their artist series, Spectrasonics invited Keyboardist Lyle Mays (Pat Metheny Group) and drummer Alex Acuña (Weather Report) to improvise four amazing “duos” using Omnisphere and Trilian triggered from a MIDI’ed Acoustic Grand Piano.

Lyle Mays & Alex Acuña – Duo #1

Lyle Mays & Alex Acuña – Duo #2

Behind The Scenes

Trillian is much more than a simple sampler. It is high energy bass machine with a massive set of articulations and gestures. In this incredibly in-depth tutorial Jonathan Perl reveals all of Trillian’s inner workings shedding light on all of the hidden, advanced synthesis and sample playback power. Jonathan knows Spectrasonics’ products better than anyone else.
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