MOTU has announced the release of Digital Performer v7.1, which was shown at NAMM.

Version 7.1 includes the following features and improvements. Download the update.

  • Tuner plug-in: Get your axe in tune quickly with DP’s new Tuner plug-in.
  • New Custom ’59 power amp models: Four new power amp models give you guitar tones extra punch: preamp, vintage, classic, and modern.
  • Guitar tone presets: Dozens of guitar tone effects chains are now provided as single, convenient presets.
  • Track folder overview: View the contents of track folders at a glance, including track color and type of data.
  • Track folder editing: Select, cut, copy, paste and otherwise edit the contents of track folders, just like individual tracks.
  • Track folder controls: Track folders now have play-enable, solo, lock, and other track controls, just like individual tracks.
  • Channel strip presets: Save, recall, and manage chains of insert settings as single presets, including guitar effects chains and virtual instrument chains that include effects. Many presets are provided for drums, guitar, bass, vocals and more.
  • Automatic addition of inserts: When you fill the last insert, or load a new insert setting preset, extra insert slots are automatically added as needed.
  • More plug-in presets: New plug-in presets have been added, especially for DP7’s guitar effects plug-ins.
  • New Trim tool for automation: Scale, flatten, or offset MIDI or audio automation data within a selected time range in one simple step.
  • Auto-save: Enjoy peace of mind as you work: your creative efforts will always be backed up.
  • Auto-check for updates: Get immediate notification about about new available updates as soon as you launch DP7.
  • Fine-tune control: Hold down the command key when adjusting many controls in DP7 for fine-tuned adjustments.
  • More keyboard shortcuts: Speed your workflow with new shortcuts for nudging MIDI notes up/down, the QuickFilter, zooming and other features.
  • Core Audio file format support: Import Core Audio (.caf) files via simple drag and drop.
  • Pro Tools 8.03 compatibility: Digital Performer is fully qualified for operation with DAE version 8.0 to 8.0.3.