A Tingklik is a bamboo percussion instrument from Bali. It’s often used for “Rindik” music, so is sometimes referred to as a Rindik itself. Rindik music usually involves two Tingklik players and a single Suling (bamboo flute).

Rindik music is usually played at public gatherings or just for entertainment. It’s not associated with any of the religious or cultural festivals where we usually hear the gamelan. The pieces are secular, and usually named after animals, such as “Chasing a female pig”, or “Frog climbing a leaf”.

A Tingklik typically has 11 bamboo tubes, although the instrument we sampled has 12. The longest bamboo is about a metre long for the lowest pitch. With five notes per octave, the range is just over 2 octaves. The tubes are suspended using string over a brightly coloured wooden frame. The player sits on the ground and strikes the bamboo tubes with rubber-tipped mallets.


  • Supports Kontakt, EXS24 and Ableton Live Pack, 480MB