Hige Five are pleased to announce the release of their music creation App, Aura Flux. Create original and beautiful soundscapes through a visually stimulating, interactive interface.

Aura Flux is a new way to create unique music on the iPhone and iPad by simply connecting sounds together visually on screen. With over 48 individual sounds and a huge choice of options on how these react and link with each other, Aura Flux has unlimited possibilities.

4 moods (keys) and control over the background ambiance enable to user to create dynamically changing sound environments that can automatically morph as the visuals represent the connections made. Each scene can be saved and recalled for future listening and adjustments.

Key Features

  • 48 High quality stereo instruments
  • 14 Stereo background ambience sounds
  • 4 Seasons (keys)
  • Unlimited generative music
  • Full save and load of scenes
  • Multitouch Instrument playback of instruments
  • Universal App – one purchase for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad
  • Supports multitasking on iOS4
  • Volume, Trigger Rate, Pitch, Additional Note, Pulse Speed and Decay settings for each node
  • Solo each node
  • Instrument preview
  • All under 8Mb