Spectrasonics is proud to announce a major new version of their award-winning Power Synth Omnisphere – which includes a host of new features, in particular a new interactive interface called “The Orb” offering stunning real-time synthesis manipulation capabilities, along with many deeply expanded additions to the synthesis engine and user interface.

The update also includes many important user-requested features such as the new 5-Column Browser view and support for polyphonic aftertouch. The new version also includes a significant update to the factory patch library – 780 brand new patches which take advantage of all the new sound design capabilities and brings the total number of included sounds to over 8,000. Download the Omnisphere 1.5 update.
Download the Omni TR iPad app from iTunes (requires Bonjour Service installation).


  • OSX 10.5 Leopard or higher
  • Audio Unit requires host with support for “Cocoa” based AU plug-ins
  • VST plug-in requires host with support for VST 2.4 or higher

This update adds the following features and enhancements:

  • New “Orb” page / circular sound manipulation interface!
  • New Harmonia zoom page shows all Harmonia parameters per layer
  • Independent modulation options added for Harmonia Levels/Fine Tuning
  • New Waveshaper zoom page with new polyphonic ‘Crusher’ and ‘Reducer’
  • New Granular ‘Speed’ and ‘Position’ modes
  • New Granular zoom page with ‘Granular Visualizer’
  • New 5-Column Browser view displays more sound categories and attributes simultaneously
  • Support for new ‘Omni TR’ iPad app
  • New “Most Recent” Browser sorting option for User Patches
  • Added support for Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • ‘Clone Part 1’ feature added for use with multichannel MIDI controllers
  • New “Clone Part 1 MIDI Controls and Make Omni” MIDI Learn function
  • Modulation Envelope points can be key-command snapped to semitone when modulating pitch
  • User-assignable Legato Interval rule added in Soundsource Zoom
  • “Reset Factory defaults and preferences” feature added to Utility menu
  • Numerous compatibility, performance and support improvements