Following the release of OS X 10.7 Lion, Focusrite have not yet completed full compatibility testing of all products, they have finished basic testing and can report the following information.

Please refer to this page for the latest updates on Lion compatibility.

Please note that currently none of our products are fully supported with OS X 10.7 yet.

The following products are currently known to work with OS X 10.7:

  • Control 2802
  • Liquid Channel Control Software
  • Saffire 6 USB
  • Scarlett 8i6
  • Scarlett 18i6
  • VRM Box
  • Liquid Mix
  • Midnight Plug-in Suite (tested with Logic – other DAWs are currently not compatible with Lion)

The following products are currently not working with OS X 10.7:

  • Saffire PRO 14
  • Saffire PRO 24
  • Saffire PRO 24 DSP
  • Saffire PRO 40
  • Liquid Saffire 56
  • Liquid Mix HD
  • Forté Suite
  • Scarlett Plug-In Suite

Focusrite is committed to providing support for products with the latest operating systems. We are currently working on providing full support for our products with OS X Lion, and these will be available as soon as they are complete.

Please check this page regularly for the most up to date information regarding OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility information.