Heavyocity Media releases the AEON Collection, delivering over 720 presets with 27GB of organic and synth Melodic instruments, cutting edge loops, arpeggiated instruments and epic one shots.

Heavyocity’s AEON marks a new era of deeply-sampled melodic instruments, cutting-edge tonal loops, and epic one-shots. It combines traditional, ethnic, and orchestral instruments with analog and digital synths to add a truly unique sound and texture to your musical composition.

From lyrical and expressive to dark and aggressive, the AEON Collection offers breathtaking melodic instruments, cutting-edge tonal loops, advanced arpeggiations, and signature AEON Hits.

Divided into two products (bundled at a discount), AEON is powered by the KONTAKT 5 Player. Combining orchestral, traditional, and ethnic instruments with searing analog and digital synths, this collection adds a truly unique timbre and texture to any musical composition.

For more information:heavyocity.com/product/aeon-collection/